Christmas: pros and cons

Christmas is the best time of the year for me. All the presents,chocolate, decorations. But today I want to write about the good things and the bad things about Christmas.


The advent calenders. I love the puzzle of finding which window is today’s, and the message inside ” Only 12 days left. Have you bought your presents yet?”

The cards. I love arranging the cards on the side board. We get like 50 cards at my house ( I wonder what it’s like if you have like 16 kids you will have like 500 cards). I like putting them A-Z or by date.

Tree’s. Our tree is so cool it’s got these little cinnamon smelly things and little acorns built in. And we’ve got super cute baubles and decorations. I take decorating the tree really seriously.


Baubles: Have you ever just made yourself a delicious hot mug of hot chocolate then… OWWWW!!! You stab your toe on a smashed bauble. My friend was in hospital for new years day because of a bauble incident.

Shopping. Normally I enjoy going to our local shopping mall, to spend my monthly allowance. But when it’s Christmas time it’s just madness! All those blood thirsty shoppers, nearly putting poor,innocent people in hospital  over a bag.

EastEnders Christmas Special.Since pat died, you know nobody watches it. Pat really was the high light of the show. It was really a good show but now they’ve ruined it.

The Pros and Cons of the festive season.


Book review

Hello, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted since Thursday. I’ve been super busy with homework,school and all the other confusing stuff that happens daily. My all time favourite book (alongside the Lisa book my and OMG is this actually my life) is dork diaries. So I’m going to do a review of the first book.

So it is from the point of 14 year old Nikki Maxwell, she has just started her snobby new school WCD. She really wants a I-phone to wow the members of her new school, but she gets stuck with a diary. A little later on she makes a obnoxious enemy Mackenzie Hollistar, two great best friends, and one crush. SPOILER ALERT*She wins the art contest*. This book is very amusing but Nikki is very whining and slightly irritating. Overall this book should be on your Christmas wish list.


School Disco

This evening I went to the school disco, it was ks2 which is 7-11 year old’s. Right before I go on.WHY DO BOYS ALWAYS SLIDE ON THEIR KNEES AT PARTIES,WEDDINGS,DISCOS,AND ANY OTHER EVENT? It is so weird! Their Mums go mental when they find out when they have ruined their new jeans.Well most of the time I just sat down on a bench, well until the good music played.

Yeah thats what I did.images


Book review: The Lisa Book

Today my post is a review of the lisa book.

I really enjoyed this, when I’m bored I read it. There are some really funny parts, I really like Lisa’s left brain vs Lisa’s right brain. Ok, so I’m gonna let you in on a secret. I’ve based this blog on Lisa’s blog,up on my high horse. I would recommend this book to anyone.

Thanks for reading.images

Tips on blogging: How often should you write.

Every few weeks I might write about blogging.

When I first started blogging I was worried if I did’nt write every day no-one would read my blog, but I was wrong.Some of the best bloggers don’t write everyday. Right now I have lots of ideas for post because I’ve just started this blog, If you post everyday that dosen’t make your blog better. If you have a good idea write a post, if you don’t have a idea don’t post. Simple.


Ok so, I’ve just got in from my friends. I really want to post, but I have a blank mind. So I’m going to tell a TRUE story.

A few years ago when I was 7, I think. It was a really snowy winter, most schools would be closed,but ours was open! I couldn’t believe it (I was seriously thinking about changing schools). But there was barely any teachers, so all day (and the rest of the week) we watched a really dodgy version of the Muppets chirstmas carol. And our topic was WW2, so I locked myself in the carboard bomb shelter while the movie was playing.

The school is only open to make sure that our eyes and ears will hurt after watching a pirate copy of The Muppets Christmas Carol. They are my memories of my childhood.

Post 1: Don’t know what to write.

I’ve finally started writing my first post. Like the title says I really have zero ideas.So hi,welcome to my blog, I’m leilah the author and creator of this magical,enchanting,weird and wonderful blog.I hope you will smile,cry,wipe sweat of your forehead,and most of all laugh your socks off.

Right so I’m Leilah,I’m 10 years,5 months,9 days, 3 hours and 45 minutes (8th of july,2003, 7:26am). I was a vegetarian for 2 and  a half weeks, then I had a ham sandwich (I had to hide it underneath lettuce). I have a gigantic library,I’ve got a tacky plastic trophy, and my IQ is 136. Well there is some of the stuff i might write a post on.

Now I am off to buy the paper.